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Current Pressure upon Services at Forest House Surgery Posted on 28 Jul 2022


Can all patients be respectful to our staff both  during working hours and out and about in  Shepshed.

We understand the difficulties with gaining access to the surgery and appointments, we are trying to offer the best service we can in a time when demand is the highest it has ever been at.

We are here to help you all, the reception staff are not here to be spoken to in a way that makes them feel upset or intimidated. It is NOT THEIR FAULT that there are not enough appointments to meet the current demand.

It is not appropriate for staff to be approached in the street or on their own time by patients who just wish to complain to them or have a go at them for a situation which they cannot alter.

Please be compassionate to them as they are tolerating an unacceptable amount of abuse and negative comments daily. It is amazing that they continue to return to work everyday for yet more frustration to be hurled at them.

We are privileged to have dedicated people working at Forest House Surgery, but we are human and have emotions. The negative criticism and hostility we are facing daily is soul destroying even for the most positive personalities amongst us. If staff leave the surgery then the surgery will not function and then where will you all go for health care?

Please treat us as you would expect your mother, sister, daughter etc to be spoken to. If you do not do this then we will follow our Zero Tolerance Policy as we will not allow this hostility to continue . 

Forest House Surgery

Dr K N Badiani, Dr A Rao, Dr J Watson, Dr J Scott and Dr K Johal


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